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Top 10 Omnichannel Solution Companies - 2019

Today, a consumer applies for a pre-approved car loan on his way to the office, snaps pictures of the required documents and loan signature requirements through his desktop system, and transfers funds to the car dealer through an NFC enabled smartwatch. Consumers expect a unified experience across all the devices and also the flexibility to use multiple devices to complete the process on the go. Consumers enjoy a seamless and real-time experience on all touchpoints when it comes to accessing banking services as well. Owing to the threat of digital disruption and the evolving needs of consumers, banks need to take a step further towards the path of digitalization and invest in improving digital channel design and engagement. By implementing an effective omnichannel strategy, banks can win customers who demand convenience and simplicity irrespective of the kind of electronic devices or physical channels they use.

The omnichannel approach gives banks the flexibility to capture the customers intent and derive the pattern of conversations by leveraging all the channels where consumers interact, namely, online, branch office, or through an app. By personalizing these conversations, organizations can gather insights by using speech analytics and manage data collected in various forms such as video, audio, and text.  To develop a customer-centric transformation requires financial institutions to understand customers buying behavior, their performance, and choices across different devices or channels. The omnichannel strategy allows banks and credit unions to deliver their products and services to targeted consumers across multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet, desktop, thereby unlocking many avenues of profitability. 

Banks and credit unions must enhance the impact of every channel in terms of investment and revenue optimization. Streamlining the interactions, products, and relationships across channels will help financial institutions reduce time to market for new products and services, allowing for enhanced agility. Banks must raise brand awareness, drive loyalty and ultimately provide value to their customers by obtaining data from every transaction, generating new revenue streams, targeting specific audiences, improving sales, empowering consumers with self-servicing banking, monetizing the value of customer analytics, and enhancing the brand value. Whether the customer walks into a bank branch, does banking on a desktop or through a mobile phone, uses an ATM or a smartwatch, financial services organizations must enable each channel to serve consumers at the time and place desired.  Currently, most financial organizations are focusing on improving an omnichannel strategy. Developing a unified and single platform, with the capability to manage all channels can enable banks and credit unions to be in tune with new-age fintech startups and tech giants on the innovation and service delivery front.

This edition of CIO Outlook brings you the “Top 10 OmniChannel Solution Providers 2019.” This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. The proposed list envisions assisting companies to gain from the services of Banking Technology Solution Providers who suit their specific requirements and help them enhance their expertise.

    Top Omnichannel Solution Companies

  • ACI Worldwide is a universal payment company for the banking and economic sector fulfilling the demands of retailers and billers. As an omnichannel solution provider, the company integrates the various payment gateways making payments faster, simple, and secure. The company delivers performance and scalable solutions for retail payments, real-time payments, merchant payments, bill payment, e-com payments, payment intelligence, and digital channels. ACI Worldwide’s payment gateways are utilized by organizations around the world with suites of software solutions that are delivered through cloud networks. Founded in 1975, the firm serves multiple industry verticals generating revenues of more than $1 billion annually

  • Infocorp is a trailblazing technology company specialized in digital banking with more than 25 years of experience. By creating seamless and unique customer experiences through its smart omnichannel platform, Infocorp empowers banks to forge strong relationships with its clients among its digital channels and helps people love their bank

  • Kony helps organizations of all sizes achieve digital success. Kony is the fastest growing, cloud-based digital application solutions company, and a recognized industry leader among low code, digital, and mobile application development platform providers, and is an emerging leader in the digital banking market. Kony provides the most innovative and secure omni-channel applications, with exceptional user experience and design, empowering organizations to excel at digital. From delighting consumers and partners to supporting employees, Kony Apps and the Kony AppPlatform give enterprises the efficiency and agility to get ahead and stay ahead, resulting in transformational outcomes

  • A global customer experience company that focuses on designing, building and operating captivating omnichannel customer experiences on behalf of innovative brands. The Company provides its outcome-based customer engagement solutions via TTEC Digital that designs and builds customer experience consulting and technology solutions

  • Unisys is a global leader in developing leading-edge IT solutions for government, financial, and commercial markets. The company has come up with Elevate, an integrated omnichannel digital banking software that comprises a suite of applications that enables secure, continuous, and seamless customer journeys regardless of the touchpoint whether mobile, internet, branch or contact center. At present Unisys serves more than half of the world's top 50 banks and over 450 financial institutions worldwide use their core banking solutions. Unisys is the one-stop-shop for financial firms looking for an omnichannel digital banking solution, enabling operational excellence and innovation across the value chain to create a seamless and integrated digital banking ecosystem

  • Backbase


    Bringing forth the next generation banking experience, the Backbase, the fintech company, offers omnichannel digital banking platform for secure transactions. The company’s software is utilized by enterprises worldwide of all sizes that enables self-service, customer engagement, fuel online revenues, and maximize customer experience. Backbase empowers financial institutions with methods such as cost efficiency, jumpstarting digital transformation, taking care of end-users, and offering growth. Partnered with multiple banking and financial establishments around the world, the company caters to the demands of different industry verticals

  • Clayfin


    Serving the retail, corporate, and SME banking business demands, Clayfin, a provider of digital banking solutions, enriches customers’ financial journey. Utilizing seamless and superior omnichannel integration of payment gateways, the company delivers relevant, pervasive, simple, and secure banking solutions. Built on the principles of “curiosity, creativity, and focus,” the company which was founded in 2000 has grown from internet banking solution provider to become one of the best omnichannel digital banking experience partner serving multiple industries and banking demands. Clayfin offers banking products for mobile, internet, chatbots, wearable, and API mediums



    An enterprise CRM solution provider, CRMNEXT has established itself with the banking sector creating omnichannel gateway for payments and financial transactions. The single and unified technology platform offered by the company brings out the potentials in engagement growth and drive profitability, while delivering innovation. CRMNEXT’s services build long-term relationships with customers with smooth operations, 360 degree actionable customer insights, and data analysis reports. Serving multiple industry verticals, the firm’s intelligent banking solutions include cross-sell, data mining, retention, data marts, customer acquisition models, business process redesign, etc. among others

  • Q2ebanking


    The Austin-based Q2ebanking offers digital banking solutions based on data-driven insights, open technology, and problem solving processes. The company provides solutions for deposits, transfer, leasing, lending, and security for financial transactions with the omnichannel Q2 banking platform, a comprehensive electronic banking platform. Started in 2004, Q2ebanking aims to enhance and strengthen community banks, integrating technology solutions for end-users. Powered by Microsoft and other technology partners, the company empowers users with flexible deployment and usage options for voice, online, and mobile methods with cloud support

  • Quadient


    Quadient, the Switzerland-based fintech company, is a provider of meaningful interactions with current and future customers. The company supports financial services, insurance and service providers with customer experience solutions. The three phase Quadient services integrate the existing legacy IT system into an omnichannel cloud-based platform with flexibility for business and user requirements. Leveraging the existing data, archived content, and templates from the system, the various solutions offered by the firm create highly personalized, timely and accurate communications across all channels. Serving multiple industries, Quadient increase agility, reduces risks, improve customer experience, raise market share, and steps up the business