ACI Worldwide: Hassle-free, Smart Universal Payments Solution

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Phil Heasley, President & CEO, ACI WorldwidePhil Heasley, President & CEO
The payments industry, propelled by relentless technological innovations, sits at the very core of digitalization today. That said, the advancements in payment methods don’t just pave the way for simpler, faster, and paper-less transactions but also raise the bar to create a seamless user experience. In order to stay ahead of the curve, organizations must align their offerings with these emerging digital trends to create more feasible ways for payments. This is where Florida-based ACI Worldwide comes in. Founded in 1975 with a mission to transform the global omni-channel payments software ecosystem, ACI Worldwide leaves no stones unturned in delivering best-in-class solutions to its clients through its Universal Payments (UP) suite of solutions.

With a significant presence in the payments space backed by a seasoned team of payment professionals, ACI stands as a torchbearer for banks and financial institutions with its real-time, any-to-any payments. The company’s UP portfolio of solutions delivers them with superior performance, security, and scalability to succeed amid today’s unprecedented digital disruption. The UP solution suite addresses a myriad of retail, merchant, and bills payment needs that create an enterprise payments ecosystem in-line with the evolving business models. ACI’s UP Retail Payments solution leverages the next-generation technologies to deliver robust payments orchestration and enable enterprises to view and manage customers, accounts, and transactions. This way, the retail solution not only enhances the customer experience but also drives additional revenues while protecting the investments made in the existing systems and reducing cost-per-transaction.

Besides creating clear business value for its clients, ACI also drives visibility and provides them with complete control over their account through its UP Real-Time Payments solutions. The solution easily connects to local real-time schemes as a lower-cost alternative to real-time gross settlement system (RTGS).

We are focused on driving innovation and revolutionizing bill payment for our thousands of customers

Thus, the solution ensures increased transparency while reducing reliance on third-party relationships and also operates cross-border with global scheme compliance for developing new business overseas.

What’s more is that the company also offers UP Bill Payment and UP Payments for Risk Management solution for the clients to minimize fraud and elevate the customer experience. Banks and other financial institutions can now engage with their consumers and reduce document delivery as well as security and compliance costs, thereby raising the consumer satisfaction. In the face of evolving fraudulent activities, ACI’s UP Payments for Risk Management eliminates data silos, reduces risk, improves false-positive and detection rates, and leverages available data in real-time to detect assertive and strong signals of fraud. This enables ACI to enhance operational efficiency as well as deliver a simple, fast, and rich customer experience.

ACI’s expertise is reflected in the case of the State Bank of India (SBI). The bank faced challenges in implementing its new state-of-the-art ATM system. Besides meeting a strict timeline, their staff also had to integrate the ATM system with 4,000 individual branch hosts, establish card issuance procedures, and define reconciliation processes and settlement mechanisms. With ACI into the picture, the bank was able to deploy the company’s BASE24 system, a series of payments applications. This resulted in high scalability of application software and hardware for business growth and also enabled the bank to become one of the fastest-growing networks in the world.

As the global payments ecosystem is evolving, so is ACI. Today, the company powers electronic payments for more than 5,000 organizations. Recently, ACI acquired Speedpay, a Western Union’s United States bill pay business to expand its reach into existing and complementary segments. “As we join forces, we are focused on driving innovation and revolutionizing bill payment for our thousands of customers,” says Phil Heasley, President and CEO of ACI. The company continues to grow its reputation in terms of its products and solutions that consistently provides clients with stability, scalability, and reliability.