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Ana Inés Echavarren, CEO, InfocorpAna Inés Echavarren, CEO
Picture this: a customer filling out a pre-approved car loan application through his mobile, clicking pictures of supporting documents while heading to work, using remote check deposit capture for down payment, and finally, paying the car dealer through NFC enabled smartwatch. In today’s digitally empowered world, consumers expect such levels of seamless and unified banking experience. This is where an omnichannel approach serves as a powerful means for banks to live up to their customers’ expectations. Built on the foundation of “helping people love their bank,” Uruguay-based Infocorp, has created a smart Omnichannel Platform that allows clients to execute banking operations through digital channels. “The ability to collect large amounts of data and analyze them in real time has provided us with a strong foundation to help our clients materialize the notion of omnichannel banking,” says Ana Inés Echavarren, CEO of Infocorp. Leveraging technologies such as real-time intelligence, data integration, AI, and machine learning, Infocorp primarily focuses on eliminating the friction during a customer's journey while executing any banking process to make it smooth and seamless. The organization has collaborated with 40 different banking systems for easy integrability of its offerings. Ana Inés further states that the company’s platform not only accelerates digital transformation but also assist banks in developing a long-lasting relationship with their clients; on multiple fronts.

It is a no brainer that mobile devices and the app ecosystems have emerged as the next frontier for any service oriented industry, and banking is no exception to it. Infocorp enables banks to roll out full-fledged mobile banking applications which embrace the notion of “fingertip banking” in its fullest form. Providing their clients with the liberty to be in control of their accounts, additional features such as push notifications, touch ID and user location help them enhance their banking operations.

The ability to collect large amounts of data and analyze them in real time has provided us with a strong foundation to help our clients materialize the notion of omnichannel banking

With the growing focus on acquiring a large customer base, banks require a productive marketing strategy. To this end, Infocorp has designed a marketing automation platform named Prisma Campaigns to optimize marketing strategies and streamline processes. Enabling companies to broadcast their marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including giving them the capability to design and deliver personalize messages, Infocorp’s solution stack assures elevated levels of customer retention, engagement, and acquisition. Powered by predictive capabilities, the platform is even intuitive enough to suggest “next most suitable move” during any campaign.

Ana Inés illustrates a case where they assisted a financial group located in Guatemala. Carrying the image of a conservative bank, their customers were not open to the idea of utilizing native banking app and instead preferred visiting the physical location. When Infocorp came into the picture, they designed a chatbot named Sara—a digital assistant that addressed the consumers’ queries related to any banking service. The younger generation of customers could even enquire and transact through the Facebook Messenger application. Partnering with Infocorp, the bank was able to raise its brand-value and as well seamlessly modernize their service delivery.

Ana Inés further mentions that in the last ten months, Infocorp has enabled its clients to communicate with consumers through Facebook and Twitter for simple transactions and queries. Looking ahead, after enhancing their platform with natural language processing, they will also be introducing voice detection and recognition capabilities. Incorporating open API's to further extend their offering’s compatibility with various banking systems and tools is a high priority for Infocorp given that they aim to establish its presence in the U.S.

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Ana Inés Echavarren, CEO


Infocorp is a trailblazing technology company specialized in digital banking with more than 25 years of experience. By creating seamless and unique customer experiences through its smart omnichannel platform, Infocorp empowers banks to forge strong relationships with its clients among its digital channels and helps people love their bank