Kony: Accelerating Digital Success

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Thomas E. Hogan, Chairman & CEO, KonyThomas E. Hogan, Chairman & CEO
According to Forrester, Digital Experience Development Platforms (DXDP) have evolved from the channel-focused developer platforms of the past. And so, organizations are now faced with building multiple digital experiences and bringing them together into a consistent digital portfolio. Leading its way around this transformation is the Texas-based computer software company—Kony—helping banks and credit unions and other enterprises to excel in this rapidly changing digital world and stay ahead of the curve. Through its innovative technology, Kony is creating exceptional user experiences for its clients to engage their customers on any platform and achieve mobility. “What’s interesting about mobility is not is it big and growing, it’s also massively relevant from a strategy perspective, which attracts a lot of competitors,” says Thomas E. Hogan, Chairman and CEO of Kony.

Kony takes the business of banks and other financial institutions to a whole new level of digital excellence through its digital banking platform. Kony’s purpose-built platform delivers seamless experiences to customers across different channels by bridging the gap from physical (ATMs, branches, and kiosks) to digital. This integrated platform provides easy aggregation functions, artificial intelligence, secure open API management, and much more, enabling banks to move away from their siloed applications and manual work processes. By deploying actionable intelligence from real-time analytics, the platform is able to fully customize client’s applications according to their requirements. In addition, the platform also allows easy and seamless integration with core and third-party systems, performs contextual marketing for up-sell and cross-sell, and provides engineered extensibility for simple upgrades.

What’s interesting about mobility is not is it big and growing, it’s also massively relevant from a strategy perspective, which attracts a lot of competitors

Leveraging the platform, banks and other financial institutions are now able to double their time to market, lower implementation costs by 50- 80 percent, and increase development and testing efficiency.

Besides the digital platform, Kony also offers clients an integrated DBX App Suite. A set of unified omni-channel banking apps, the suite addresses the needs of retail banking, loan origination, digital payments, and more. Kony DBX Retail banking empowers banks and financial institutions to create and manage employee accounts, view and manage customer profiles details, transfer money, deposit checks from any channel, and quickly respond to customer messages. With the company’s small business banking, business account holders can access engaging business banking services across channels. Furthermore, the consumer lending, new user onboarding, and virtual account in the app suite allows clients to simplify and speed-up mortgage origination, streamline and automate onboarding experience, and enable easy payments using digital wallets.

In an instance, Kony was approached by ORNL Federal Credit Union (ORNL FCU), a Tennessee-based credit union, facing the challenge of adapting to the digital requirements of today’s data-driven consumers. To combat this challenge, the union developed an enterprise mobility strategy built on Kony’s cloud-based mobile platform, thereby retaining its current member base and growing its membership further. This enabled ORNL FCU to add many new features to its existing product portfolio, including an online personal financial management tool. Additionally, they were also able to bring in data from third parties for loan and membership applications.

Backed by the world’s leading digital experts, partners, and technology innovators, Kony is delivering maximum value to its wide client base, including more than 70 Fortune 500 companies and global brands. As the company is moving forward, it is continuously working toward enabling its customers to keep up with the frenetic pace of digital advancements and successfully achieve their visions and goals.